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While the river can take the path of least resistance, we don’t always have that luxury. We all tumble over the rocks & waterfalls of life as we strive to find our ocean. Whichever paths you choose in life, always proceed with kind intentions, as well as love in your heart, & Mother Earth will thank you! ¡Pura Vida! ☀️❤️💪🏻🌎🌈

We love getting pics/video from our guests! The memories they capture warm our hearts & remind us how blessed we are to be a part of each other’s lives. ❤️🌈🏊‍♂️🌊

Happy Earth Day! 🌏 Love the Earth everyday & the rewards will be endless. We love this beautiful planet & will continue to work tirelessly for conservation & preservation!

Being in nature is the best way to recharge your spiritual batteries! This spot right by the lodge is a great place to sit & take in the surrounding view of the canyon with Cacho Negro rising up in the distance. Qué hermosa?!

This is a fruit-bearing type of bromeliad that can be found at La Danta Salvaje & the surrounding rainforests of Central & South America...but don’t eat them! 🤢

The Golden Silk Orb Weaver spiders can build some pretty big webs and the molecular structure of their silk is where Kevlar comes from. They are a unique example of Mother Nature’s power & beauty!

Dragonflies gathering at the watering hole. There are around 300 species of Odonata in Costa Rica which encompasses both dragonflies & damselflies. They are always welcome here at La Danta Salvaje!

This little friend, known as a parrot (lora) snake, can be found relaxing at La Danta Salvaje with plenty of family members spread all over Central America. So, beautiful!!